Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Genetic engineering Admissions 2015

Genetic engineering is the latest and one of the growing fields. It consists of principles of sciences and wide range of techniques used to study the change in genetic material of the living organism. It is one of the complicated field which deals with the study of biological changes in living organisms.
Careers in Genetic Engineering:

Careers in Genetic Engineering (GE) is a highly complicated and advanced branch of science which involves a wide range of techniques used in changing the genetic material in the DNA code in a living organism. ‘Genetic Engineering’ means the deliberate modification of the characters of an organism by the manipulation of its genetic material. Genetic engineering comes under the broad heading of Biotechnology.

Scopes in genetic engineering:
Genetic engineering is the next step in human evolution.In the process of genetic engineering, select genes are removed or genes from other life forms are inserted into life forms . With genetic engineering, diseases can be cured and human life in general can be improved. As we learn more, we can see just how much we can accomplish with genetic engineering.
Options and Opportunities:
The demand for genetic engineers is increasing in India as well as abroad. Genetic engineers focuses on study of genetics in all the living organisms and they are well suited in the field of pharmaceutical and medical industries, agricultural and research and development departments of the government and private sectors. These engineers can also take up teaching as a career.
Courses Available:
- M.Sc in Plant Breeding and Genetics
- Certificate Course in Genetic Engineering
Qualification required:
- For a graduate degree (B.E/B.Tech) a candidate is required to pass 10+2 with biology, chemistry and mathematics.
- For Master’s degree, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in science or molecular biology.
Contact information:9492066112,040-66443636.
F.No.103, Prashanti Ram Towers
Near Saradhi Studio Road, Ameerpet,
Hyderabad- 500016 Telangana, India

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