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Nano Technology Admissions Into Top Universities-2015

What is Nanotechnology Engineering?
ü  Nanotechnology Engineer is a specialized type of Engineer.
ü  An engineer that works in the field of nanotechnology is a person who works around the smallest, most amazing fragments of science.
ü  Engineer in nanotechnology is a scientist that seeks to learn new things that can change the face of health, science, technology, and the environment on a molecular level.

ü  They test for pollutants, create powders to enrich our foods and medicines, and they can study the smallest fragments of DNA. They can even manipulate cells, proteins, and other chemicals from the body.

What does a Nanotechnology Engineer do?                           
ü  These engineers take advanced supplies and materials and turn them into something new and exciting Engineers in the field of nanotechnology can create innovative ways to test for contaminants and pollutants in the air, ground, and water -- even small amounts that were once before considered untraceable.
ü  They may also choose to work in the medical field creating new gadgets that can fix problems on a scale as small as the molecular level, thus changing the face of medicine forever.
ü  Engineers that work with nanoelectronics will create smaller, more efficient chips, cards, and even smaller computer parts to make products that can do as much as bigger products without so much e-waste.
ü  Engineers involved with bio systems will create ways to store the tiniest amounts of DNA or other biological fragments for testing and manipulation.
Career Options in Nanotechnology: Nanotechnologists work in many fields.

ü  As medical scientists,

ü  They develop treatments and repair damage at the cellular level.

ü  As food scientists,

ü  They develop new technologies to aid food production, including developing methods to detect contaminants and disease.

ü  As engineers, they might develop computer components or super-strong materials.

ü  And many more areas.


 (Inventions in Nanotechnology: computer components, creating explosive-resistant materials, building microscopic sensors, nanowires optics to create microchips, nanofibers to create lightweight, super-strong materials)
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